Changing the Shape of Leadership

Hierarchical vs. Circle Model

We know well the hierarchical model of structures and leadership. It is the structure found in most schools, organizations, corporations, businesses and in traditional families. In a hierarchy there is a top, a middle and bottom. The top is the CEO, president, principle, director and in traditional families father. The top knows best and tells others what to do. There is a middle. This is the manager, supervisor, teacher chairperson and in traditional families mother. The middle conveys the decisions and messages from the top to the bottom. They make sure those on the bottom do what they are told. There is a bottom. They are the workers, members, students, and in traditional families children.

Circle Model is egalitarian, where everyone shares the power, the resources, the decision-making, the work, etc. This ensures full participation, personal growth and unlimited creativity. Circles provide the common ground for all to come together to find new solutions to problems, co-create new resources, events and programs, and close the gap between opposing sides.

Circles are magical places
where miracles are expected
and work is fun.

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Power of 3