Out of a clear awareness of the magnificence of women, the power of circles, and the longing for connection that all women feel, Circle Connections, Inc. was called into being by three determined women. Ann Smith, Rhonda Hull and Carol Hansen Grey share the common vision that women have an important voice to be heard and that the connecting of circles is a path to peace. Carol, who has moved moved on to other endeavors, remains as an advisor to the organization.

Ann SmithAnn Smith

Ann, from Naples, Florida, is a Circle mentor, educator, consultant, professional speaker, creator of circle leadership programs & trainer of trainers, author of Stories from the Circle, WomenPrints & Dear Ann Column for Peace X Peace, co-editor of Women's Uncommon Prayers, and Circle Calendars. She was founder and director of Women's Works, and served as the director of Women in Mission and Ministry, Episcopal Church USA, director of Global Education Associates and has worked around the world with the United Nations, women's organizations and local groups using Circle Principles as the foundation for all international, national and local events and programs. Her current focus is The Indigenous Women's Pathways program and the Sophia Women's World Conference taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2010. Click here to contact Ann.

Rhonda HullRhonda Hull, Ph.D.

Rhonda, from Port Townsend, Washington, is an international speaker, circle facilitator, mentor, co-editor of Offerings International Women's Magazine, and author of “Drive Yourself Happy.” Rhonda is passionate about the power of Circle work and its potential for connecting and awakening women to their true magnificence. She has a light-hearted pioneering spirit, believes life is a journey rather than a destination, and is delighted to be ‘Grandma Tutu’ to three grandsons who everyday inspire her commitment to peace. Visit her at website at and blogsite at  You can also contact her by clicking here.

Carol Hansen GreyCarol Hansen Grey

Carol, from the San Francisco Bay Area, is an author, mentor, and motivational speaker.  As a visionary catalyst and social activist, she has been helping women empower themselves and bring peace to the planet through her Open Heart books and tapes. Since 1995 she has traveled around the United States teaching audiences how to Lighten Up and free themselves from fear, and enrolling people in the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment. For 4 years Carol served as the Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action through which she initiated the Athena Wisdom Exchange Mentoring Program (AWE), the Feminine Face of Leadership Conference, and the international Gather the Women movement. More information about Carol can be found on her website at You can also contact her by clicking here.