Links and Resources


As our name implies, we believe in the power of connection. Following are links to websites of our members.   We hope you will connect with them.

Carolyn Anderson: Global Family
Christina Bladwin: PeerSpirit
Jean Shinoda Bolen: and
Amy Coget:
Nancy Dougherty:
Beverly Engel:
Marilyn Fowler: Women's Intercultural Network (WIN)
Bonnie Gallup:
Carol Hansen Grey: &
Dorothy Randall Gray:
Sharon Hoery: Crones Counsel
Rhonda Hull: Drive Yourself Happy
Deborah Koppel Mitchell:
Clare Peterson: Gather the Women Canada
Jan Phillips:
Claudette Powers:
Susyn Reeve WITH Forgiveness
Teresa Ruelas Offerings Publications
Tej Steiner: Heart Circle
Helayne Waldman:
Justine Willis Toms: New Dimensions Broadcasting Network
Anna Yang: RedWeb Foundation