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We will soon be offering a variety of online videos of talks, interviews, circle gatherings, circle trainings, etc.  We are pleased to offer the following two online videos at this time. To access the videos, click on the title.

Dr. E. Margaret FultonVisualizing Alternative Structures:
Transforming Hierarchy to Interactivity

This video, written and produced by Dr. E. Margaret Fulton, presents a dynamic 3D animation that visually demonstrates how our society and consciousness is changing from a vertical, hierarchical model to one that is more creative and better fills the needs of a pluralistic society. It visually represents alternative structures to patriarchy and challenges the limitations this linear, vertical structure presents. As we listen to Fulton's narrative we are treated to a brilliantly conceived visual interpretation of her ideas.

2003 GTW Congress Logo2003 Gather the Women Congress Video

The 2003 Gather the Women Congress in San Francisco seeded the idea for Circle Connections. A photo collage of the event has been made into a movie accompanied by the Gather the Women theme song. The movie was produced by Carol Hansen Grey, the photos were taken by Marguerite Lorimer and the music was written and performed by Electric Angel. Watch the video and listen to the song to be reminded that we have the power and the wisdom to make a positive difference when we gather in circles both large and small. For information about becoming involved in Gather the Women visit their website at: For more pictures and a detailed summary of the 2003 Gather the Women Congress visit the website.

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