Circle Trainings and Events

Happehatchee Center

Happehatchee Center (happehatchee is the Indigenous word for happy river) in Estero, Florida is beautiful "olde Florida" where people of all ages can come and learn from Mother Earth as well as from one another. What was once a Girl Scout camp is now a place for people young and old to re-connect to Mother Earth.

Happehatche is owned and loved by Ellen Petersen, known throughout Florida as an environmental goddess. Circle Connections, Inc. is hosting Magnificent of Circle events as well as working with other individuals and organizations to protect this land from being destroyed by developers and to co-create a center for environmentally-centered education. Earth Child Institute is the non-profit organization that is helping to protect her and receiving the donations to provide education for children and adults through the arts.

Happehatchee BridgeMany of our Circle Connections trainings and events take place at the Happehatchee Center.  Stepping onto this land is like entering a lost, secret world of natural beauty, enveloping body, mind and spirit.

Yin & Yang

Happehatchee programs strive for balance, as between Yang and Yin (masculine and feminine energies) and between scientific and faith perspectives. The center provides a healthy setting in which to grow and cultivate our imaginations, creativity, wisdom, relationships, leadership and other skills. Creative tensions are welcomed and open expression of many views are encouraged as a catalyst for deep change within ourselves, our community, and the world. The dream is Happehatchee is to help equip people to become change agents in co-creating a wider world of justice, love, and peace for all creation.


Happehatchee Center, 8791 Corkscrew Rd. Estero, FL 33928
Phone 239 206 4393